Sandstone Driveway

Sandstone driveway is popular for its incredible style and beauty. This natural stone comes in different colors that enhance the decorative touch of our homes or businesses. Natural sandstones are reliable in frosty conditions. They have high slip resistance and do not break or damage easily. If you want to pave your driveway right now, sandstone paving is an incredible option. 

Sandstone driveway is a strong and heavy natural stone paving with colors ranging from grey to red. It is a sedimentary rock made up of cemented sand or quartz grains. Compared to other driveway pavers, sandstone paving slabs will last longer and are better for the environment since they have less carbon and energy footprint. It has proven to be a durable investment and an outstanding option for all outdoor applications.

It’s easy to decide on sandstone paving installation yourself, but you should be sure of what you are getting into and how to go about it. This article will answer all your questions and help you decide on the best sandstone for your driveway. 

Are Sandstones Good For Driveways?

Your driveway is the first thing people come in contact with when they visit your home or business places. The first appeal draws them in and speaks about your capability. This is why it is vital to consider a driveway material that is suitable and appropriate for your driveway. Sandstone, a sedimentary rock made up of cemented sand or quartz grains, comes in different colors. It is a popular choice among homeowners because of its appearance and high resistance to weather conditions. Sandstone is a durable paving material. Typically comes in yellow, red, or brown. 

Construction is underway on a sandstone driveway

Is Sandstone Paving Slippery?

Sandstone is one of the best and toughest natural stone paving materials you will find around. However, it needs quality maintenance to maintain its integrity. Due to its composition, sandstone paving has a degree of slip resistance that always makes it safe. When sandstone is maintained regularly, the surface will remain free from debris, algae, or moss. This bacterial growth on driveway pavings affects the natural slip-resistant sandstone and causes damage to the surface.           

Is Sandstone Paving Durable?  

Sandstone is very strong and durable when maintained and cared for. Once install your sandstone paving on your driveway, it can last decades with annual sealing and proper maintenance. Sandstone, as earlier stated, is a tough paving material that’s easy to care for, and its unique finish provides a pattern that is not out of style. A wide range of sandstone paving material has been made available for driveways, and you don’t have to worry about its durability once you have installed it. Also, sandstone driveway isn’t just durable; this paving material is environmentally friendly. With sandstone paving material, you can change the look of your home or business places. 

Is Sandstone Hard To Clean?

Maintaining your sandstone driveway isn’t as difficult as it seems. Sandstone slabs have an elegant appearance and an appealing texture that is easy to care for. Your sandstone driveway requires regular TLC. Your driveway cleaning routine can include an easy wash down with soapy water. This will take care of everyday dust or dirt, while a diluted bleach formula can be used monthly to like algae, moss, or any bacteria growing on the surface of your driveway. Before you start cleaning your driveway, there are a few things you would like to consider. This includes:

The Right Cleaning Solution 

Acid-based cleaning solutions or harsh chemicals are toxic to your pavement, and they will cause your driveway to rust and deteriorate quickly. Soapy water is the best solution for your sandy stone. It does quick work of washing away any debris and stain immediately. When you spread your soapy water, you can gently scrub stains or dirt off your pavement. For lichens, algae, or moss, diluted bleach will take them off your driveway. The right cleaning solution will preserve the integrity of your driveway. 

Rinse Your Sandstone After Scrubbing

After scrubbing your pavement, you will need to wash away the loosened dirt. Run clean water over your driveway using a bucket or a garden hose. You can repeat this step and ensure no cleaning solution is left behind. Your pavement will look neater and more appealing after a good bath!

The worker clean the driveway using pressure washer.

Power Wash Your Sandstone Paving 

Another option you can explore is power washing your sandstone pavement. This method is helpful if you have a large driveway or want to clean your commercial driveways. When power washing your driveway, you must choose the right pressure to avoid damage. A slow setting or pressure will do you good, and too much pressure. Slowly wash the area and repeat to ensure it’s thoroughly clean before you take the machine down. 

If you are considering installing sandstone for your driveway or already own one, here are some things you should note.

  • You will need a brush to keep the dirt away. 
  • Sealing will help your driveway stay clean for a longer period. 
  • You are removing any nearby water features to keep your driveway from staining. 
  • When you choose power washing as your cleaning method, reduce the pressure and avoid washing too regularly. 
  • Wear protective clothing when you want to clean your driveway and stay protected. 

Washing your sandstone driveway isn’t too hard; you must be prepared to have some fun. Get into your washing clothes and start right away. 

Can You Use Indian Sandstone On a Driveway?

Indian sandstone is known to provide a huge range of styles and patterns. You can manipulate this tough riven stone into an appealing rugged appearance. With Indian sandstone, you can decide to go the extra mile. You can choose between riven or tumbled Indian sandstones for your driveway, which will stay perfectly. Paving your home or business driveway with Indian sandstone adds value to your home or work, which can easily translate to thousands of dollars. Sandstone paving is the right choice to boost your home or property value. 

Do You Need To Seal Sandstone? 

Sandstones are porous and easily consume substance that drops on their surface. Their pores allow dust, debris, stains, or any harmful solution to penetrate easily. Sealing your sandstone driveway will prevent them from getting stained or damaged. During installation, you can use an impregnating sealer to effectively seal the surface and ensure it covers the entire pavement. With this, your driveway will last longer and stay clean for a very long period.

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A Sandstone driveway with pattern designed.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Sandstone?

Sandstone has many advantages that keep it at the top of the market. Its durability, uniqueness, look, and texture can be compared with other paving materials. It is common in many homes and businesses and has a few pitfalls you should look into before considering sandstone paving for your homes. 

Sandstone Absorbs Water

Sandstone is a porous stone that absorbs water. Its absorption rate allows dirt, moss, algae, and liquid stains to get through. It also makes it possible for your sandstone paving to have stains or eventually lose its color and start to deteriorate. 

Sandstone Can Be Slippery When It Lacks Maintenance 

When sandstone becomes slippery, it becomes dangerous to you and your guests. When not cared for, dirt, bacteria, and standing water can settle on the surface and cause it to be slippery. This is why you should consider a proper storm drainage system and maintenance before Installing sandstone pavers on your driveway.

Sandstone Driveway Ideas

1. Grey Indian Sandstone

The grey Indian sandstone is simple yet classic. Kandla is great, durable, and a hundred percent sustainable. Kandla grey Indian sandstone will enhance the beauty of your driveway.

2. Indian Sandstone Cobbles

These Indian sandstone cobbles offer a very appealing and durable surface for your driveway. Indian sandstone can be used to complement areas of paving.

3. Rainbow and Sawn Sandstone

This sandstone is ideal for contemporary and traditional settings. Rainbow or sawn sandstone will deliver whatever style you want to your driveway.

4. Himalayan Sandstone Pavers

Himalayan sandstone pavers can be installed in any outdoor landscaping. With these slabs, your driveway will speak luxury. Thus pavers are slip-resistant, durable, and eco-friendly.

5. Silver Grey Sandstone

Silver-grey sandstone is very popular amongst homeowners. It has outstanding quality, value, and even thickness. Silver grey sandstones are easy to lay and are the perfect slabs for your DIY driveways.

6. Natural Paving Riven Sandstone

Natural paving sandstone is great for driveway paving. It’s durable, aesthetically pleasing, and worth the investment.


With the simplest maintenance, you can preserve the integrity of your sandstone driveway and watch it last the test of time. Knowing that sandstone pavement might take up a personality with time is important. This is also considered part of its beauty. Whatever the case, sandstone is a worthy investment you should be willing to make.