How To Paint Concrete Patio – Cost And Maintenance

How To Paint Concrete Patio

To get the best out of your DIY concrete patio projects, you must know how to paint the concrete patio seamlessly. A dirty and dull concrete patio can be an eyesore in your home. Painting your concrete outdoor the right way can boost its durability and revitalize your patio.

Before figuring out how to paint your concrete patio, you have to know that not all paints are suitable. But products that contain binders will allow the coating to expand and contract along with the concrete. This makes them the best choice for your DIY paint job. Paints generally don’t penetrate your concrete surface so wear and tear over a period can cause peeling particularly if you don’t prepare the surface properly. So you must start by checking for moisture and complete your painting by removing the masking tape.

Painting your concrete patio is the perfect way to preserve its integrity. But knowing how to paint your patio is the real deal. There is a lot of misinformation on painting concrete patios, but in this article, our experts explain all the myths and how you can achieve an outstanding patio layout with unique paint designs. Let’s get to it!

Can I paint a concrete patio?

Painting is a good option for adding colors to your home. You can paint almost any building made up of concrete and achieve the look you desire. With concrete patios, you can explore different colors and layouts. However, before you start painting, you must ensure that the patio surface is free of debris or any existing coating that can ruin your painting. Concrete paints come in different colors and grades. You can choose a vibrant and unique look when you are ready to turn your patio into a relaxing space.

Does Painting Outdoor Concrete Last?

Concrete is known for its toughness and durability. It is one of the most widely used paving materials for walkways, driveways, patios, and parking lots. Painting outdoor concrete has proven to add to its durability over a long time. No matter where you’ve installed your concrete, be rest assured that painting the floor or surface can help your concrete patio withstand harsh weather and wear.

There are two types of concrete paint; this includes latex-based paint and an oil-based paint. Both products have different unique features and layouts. However, latex-based concrete paints are the most used on patio floors and other building surfaces. Latex paint is more common because of its ease of use, and it also helps first-timers or DIY enthusiasts to achieve a good finish. With oil-based paint, you can achieve a shiny finish that can withstand low temperatures.

A worker is painting the concrete patio of his customer.

How to Paint Your Concrete Patio

Before you paint your concrete patio floors, you must first decide which paint and layout best suit your patio needs. In most cases, many homeowners prefer to use a color that matches the exterior of their buildings. If you decide to go for something different, you can choose a latex, oil-based, epoxy, or a garage floor coating. Once you have decided on the paint color to use, you can follow this simple guide to paint your concrete patios.

Step One

Remove any furniture on your patio surfaces. Cover furniture, plants, and landscapes that are too heavy to be moved and clear off any debris, leaves, or dirt.

Step Two

If you are painting an old concrete patio, you will need to repair cracks and fix any damages on the surface before you proceed. Fill each crack with masonry crack filler and ensure the surface is dried for the fillers to set in.

Step Three

Scrub tough stains with a brush or pressure wash your patio concrete surface to remove any stain, moss, grass, or bacterial growth. Use a mild cleaning solution and ensure all the surfaces are clean and debris-free. Then etch the patio floor. Etching is done with chemicals like muriatic acid or phosphoric acid and a stiff brush.

Step Four

After etching, rinse the surface properly and seal your concrete floor with a good sealant. Apply about two coats of concrete sealant; this will help your paint absorb better and last longer.

Concrete patio cleaning with a pressure washer before painting it.

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Step Five

You can also consider using a primer to make the painting easier and to help your concrete absorb more paint and stick better. Make sure the primer you choose is specially formulated for concrete surfaces. Apply your primer and let your primer dry before you apply your paint.

Step Six

Pour your paint into a portable tray and apply it on your patio floor. Use a paintbrush to go over surfaces a paint roller can’t reach. After applying your first layer, allow the surface to dry before you apply a second and third coat.

Step Seven

Allow the paint to dry for a day before moving your furniture back in.

The Best Products To Paint a Concrete Patio

When it comes to painting concrete patios, oil-based paints are your most reliable option. Although it is not so easy for first-timers or DIYs to navigate, oil-based paint covers concrete surfaces seamlessly. Still, if you prefer latex-based paint, ensure you purchase only the best products. Here is a list of some quality latex and oil-based paint you can use for painting concrete patios outdoors, concrete floors, and patios.

  • BERH PREMIUM. Berh premium Porch and Patio Anti-slip Floor Paint is an excellent floor paint for patios and other surfaces. It is slip-resistant, provides a great texture, and an efficient floor coverage.
  •  BXC-55 Concrete Sidewalk Gloss Enamel. This acrylic latex paint is best used for interior and exterior concrete floors, decks, and patios. It is easy to clean and maintain with just soap and water. It also resists cracking and fading.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Concrete Patio?

Many homeowners frown away from painting concrete patio floors because of the cost. However, concrete patios are very affordable when it comes to painting, sealing, and maintenance. The cost of painting a concrete patio will depend on the location, the quality, the quantity, and the size of your patio. On average, it will cost between $2 and $6 per square foot to paint concrete patio floors.

How To Clean a Painted Concrete Patio

Dirt, stains, or molds can cover your concrete patio and ruin its appearance. You will need to observe basic routine maintenance to keep the atmosphere clean and relaxing for you and your loved ones. To clean a painted patio, you will need to get cleaning solutions that are healthy for your patio floors and those that won’t cause any harm or damage to your concrete paints. An eco-friendly cleaning solution and method is the best way to clean your concrete surface. Let’s take a look at an easy step that will leave your patio spotless;

  • Remove any furniture and clear off loose dirt and debris from your patio.
  • Mix a few drops of dish soap and warm water in a bucket, pour it over your patio surface, and allow it to sit for 10 minutes.
  • Mop the patio surfaces and make sure you clean all the parts.
  • Rinse with clean water and repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result. Ensure that all tough stains are out and clean.

When you find it difficult to remove any tough stain, you can use natural cleaners to remove stains. Mix vinegar, baking soda, or bleach on the patio surface and allow it to sit for some minutes. Then mop the surface and rinse with clean water.

Simple house with stone wall and concrete floor in the outside

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What Happens If You Don’t Prime Concrete Before Painting?

Priming is an important step when it comes to painting concrete. This step should be done carefully to ensure a perfect finish. If you skip priming and go straight to painting, your concrete surface will still be able to breathe and leave pin holes or

cracks behind after painting. Primers help keep your concrete surface wet and allow your patios to absorb enough paint product that covers the surface seamlessly.

How Many Coats Of Paint Do I Need For A Concrete Patio?

If you want an outstanding finish, be ready to apply at least two to three coats of paint. You don’t want to ruin this process if you have come this far.Take your time and coat the surfaces excellently before using your patio. You will also need to allow the layers dry for a day before you cost more layers on top.

Should I Pressure Wash Concrete Before Painting?

It is recommended that you pressure wash your concrete before painting. This is to help you effectively remove any stain, debris, or dirt from the surface. However, when you decide to pressure wash after painting, you will have to be careful or hire a professional who can carefully do the job for you. It is important to soft-wash painted concrete when using pressure washers to avoid any damage. If you use the wrong pressure washer, you will end up peeling your paint off the concrete surface.


Painting a concrete patio add to your home’s curb appeal, boosts the value of your property, and makes the environment relaxing for you. To get the best out of your concrete patio, you will need to get all the painting steps right and use the best product, and you might need to hire a professional who can carry out the paint job for you.

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