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A driveway paving cost calculator helps you understand the average installation cost of your driveway and helps you plan a successful driveway project that will save time and money. It does all this magic with a few clicks. 

Traditionally, you’ll need to consider the size of your driveway cost of materials and labor in your area to estimate the total cost of your paving project. In one breadth, the driveway paving cost calculator will provide an estimate of the materials you’ll need, prep work, labor cost, and the overall cost of your paving project. It also provides you with up-to-date pricing for local paving companies around you. A driveway paving calculator can be used for any paving project, including the repair of potholes, new driveway projects, or any pavement repair works.

If you want to install your asphalt, concrete, gravel, or slab stone driveway strictly on a budget, our driveway paving cost calculator will help you remodel your space into a perfect driveway without breaking the bank.

How Our Driveway Paving Cost Calculator Works

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If you plan to pave your driveway, our paving cost calculator works perfectly. A driveway paving calculator can help you estimate the number of materials you will need for your driveway project and how much it will cost you. Our calculator has been designed to produce the most accurate estimates for both contractors and homeowners across the United States. 

It takes into consideration all the possible factors that might affect the overall cost. The paving cost calculator has two spaces you have to fill: 

  • the first one requires that you select the type of material you want;
  • the second one requires you to insert the measurement of your driveway area in square footage.

How To Use Our Driveway Paving Cost Calculator 

The landlord decided to start the works after calculating the cost of the driveway with the official driveway paving cost calculator of paving.

Our driveway way paving cost calculator is easy to use. You must first choose the paving material you want to install on your driveway and measure the remodeling area. 

  1. The first step is to select your desired paving material. Our driveway paving cost calculator allows you to choose from a number of paving materials, such as asphalt, concrete, gravel, chip seal, exposed aggregate, and permeable paver. 
  2. Input your driveway measurement in square footage. 
  3. Click on submit, and the driveway paving cost calculator will calculate the cost of paving your driveway with the paving material you’ve chosen. 
  4. You can constantly adjust the measurement to get a reasonable estimate of the number of materials needed for your driveway and the cost of paving your driveway. 

Cost Of Paving Driveway By Type Of Material

Driveway Paving Material Cost Per Square Foot 
Asphalt $3- $7
Concrete $4 – $8
Chip Seal$2 -$5
Gravel $1 – $3
Heated $12 – $18
Pavers $10 – $30
Permeable Pavers $8 – $30
Exposed Aggregate $6 – $11

Concrete Driveway Paving 

A properly installed concrete driveway is a worthy investment. It should be able to last decades. Depending on the decorative colors, styles, and patterns, Concrete costs about $4 – $8 and is a suitable paving material for any climate. A concrete driveway paving calculator will help you estimate the amount and cost of the concrete you need. 

Asphalt Driveway Paving 

Asphalt is another durable paving material that’s famous for its excellent finishing. Our asphalt driveway paving costs calculator estimates the average cost to be between $3 – $7 per square foot. Although asphalt is a good investment on your property, it’s prone to cracks and other damages during extreme weather conditions, and asphalt paving requires more maintenance and repair than other paving materials. 

Gravel Driveway Paving Cost 

If you are looking to install an eco-friendly driveway, gravel should be your first paving choice. This paving material is suitable for homes and commercial buildings. A gravel driveway is permeable and makes for a perfect drainage system. It allows water to drain through it and into other water bodies. Gravel driveway costs about $1-$3 per square foot. 

Other Costs To Take Into Account When Paving a Driveway

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It is common for driveway contractors to eliminate certain paving costs to help work with your driveway paving budget. However, there are several features and costs that you can’t escape paying for. Let’s take a look at some of these costs.

Site preparation

The type and size of the land and the amount of cleaning required usually affect the cost of site preparation. Site preparation includes land clearing, grading, excavation, site investigation, and plan design. 

Permits and fees

The cost of permits depends on your location. Some states or cities do not require you to get a permit, while other places need you to pay for a permit before you can install a driveway on your property. You must factor in the cost of permits and fees when utilizing a driveway paving cost calculator. A driveway permit costs an average of $50 – $200

Equipment rentals

The equipment needed to bring your driveway to life depends on the paving material you choose. Professional installation companies already have the equipment needed to install your driveway and will add the cost of equipment to their pay. However, working with some contractors might require you to pay for rentals. Depending on the project at hand, it can cost between $100 – $500 dollars to rent the equipment needed for your driveway installation. 


The labor cost of installing a driveway varies based on the type of paving material, the size of your area, the contractors, and the complexity of the project. The cost of labor for installing an asphalt driveway is $3 -$7, $4-$8 for a concrete driveway, $1-$3 for gravel, $5-$8 for stone slabs, and $2-$15 per square foot for a grass driveway.  


The cost of driveway maintenance varies. Factors like your driveway’s size, the paving material, the tools needed to maintain the driveway, and the condition of the driveway will affect the cost of maintenance. Most contractors charge an average of $2-$4 per square foot to fix cracks or potholes and $3-$8 per square foot to resurface your entire driveway. 

Driveway Paving: Possible Additional Costs

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When you’re gearing up for driveway paving, there’s a bunch of stuff to keep in mind beyond just the basic costs. We’re talking about things like landscaping, lighting, drainage, and making sure your driveway is accessible. These factors play a big role in shaping the overall budget of your project, so it’s good to have your head wrapped around them, especially when using a driveway paving cost calculator. Let’s break it down a bit:


Throwing in some landscaping can really spruce up your driveway. The cost here varies, starting from $1 and going up to $50 per square foot. This covers things like the plants, shrubs, or trees you want, and any extras like decorative stones or edging. If you’re going for a basic look, it won’t break the bank, but if you’re eyeing more elaborate designs with fancy plant selections or hardscape elements, be ready to shell out a bit more. Chatting with a landscaping pro can help you nail down a design that fits your style and wallet.


Now, let’s talk about lights. They’re not just for show – they add a functional and safe touch to your driveway. The cost depends on where your driveway is and what kind of lighting you’re into. You can find basic fixtures in the $50-$150 range per piece, but if you’re eyeing something fancier or more decorative, be prepared to go a bit beyond that. Don’t forget about installation costs, especially if you’re thinking of intricate wiring or fixtures that need some expert touch. The goal here is to find that sweet spot between functionality and style without blowing your budget.


Good drainage is like the superhero for your driveway, protecting it from water damage and flooding. You’re looking at a cost between $400 to $2400 for a solid drainage system. This investment is all about redirecting stormwater away from your driveway and preventing any potential disasters. Your paving contractor is the key player here, analyzing your property’s unique conditions and coming up with a drainage system that suits it to a T. Costs cover not only the installation but also the materials used and the complexity of the drainage solution.


Now, let’s roll into accessibility. Size, materials, local terrain, and how far you are from the road – all these bits and pieces chip in to determine the final price. Bigger driveways, tricky terrains, or the need for special materials can hike up the costs. And don’t forget about things like grading or leveling the driveway for accessibility – they can throw a curveball into your budget plans. Having a good chat with a contractor who knows their stuff can help you figure out the nitty-gritty and get a solid estimate.

Additional features

Lastly, if you’re feeling a bit extra and want to jazz up your driveway, additional features are the way to go. Prices here swing based on style, project size, and how fancy you want to get. Think about things like a curved-shape driveway, a contrasting border, stone slabs, or raised flower beds. They all add to the wow factor but might come with a bit of extra cost. Even something like stamped concrete can up your driveway game but might hit your wallet a bit harder. Costs aren’t just about the feature itself – they’re also influenced by the contractor you’re teaming up with. Some might charge a little, some might charge a lot. Best bet? Sit down with your contractor, talk through your ideas, and find that middle ground that fits your style and budget.

How To Choose A Paving Contractor

Your driveway, patio, or any other landscape makes a huge impact on your home. Most times, it makes the first impression and can leave your guest breathless. It’s important that you use a professional paving contractor to bring your paving dreams alive. Here are a few tips to guide you in choosing the right paving contractor

  • Look for contractors with experience in the design you want to achieve.
  • Ensure they have adequate insurance coverage.
  • Ensure the contractor is available when you want to start your project. 
  • Ensure that the contractor you want to work with offers professional advice. 
  • The contractor should be able to work with your budget 
  • Look for professionals with credible references and portfolios

FAQs about Driveway Paving Cost Calculator

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Let’s dive into some common questions to help you make informed decisions.

What Is The Cheapest Driveway Paving?

Gravel is one of the most affordable driveway paving materials you can come across. Gravel paving material and labor usually costs between $1-$3 per square foot. Asides from being cheaper, gravel has many eco-friendly benefits that keep it at the top of the market. It is the ideal paving material to install when working in a large area. You should note that the installation cost, the cost of labor, and other add-ons will hike the price of getting a gravel driveway.

What Is The Best Low-maintenance Driveway?

Asphalt, concrete, tarmac, paving stones, plastic permeable, and gravel driveways are all low-maintenance driveways. However, when you consider the installation cost and process, the type of sealant required, the resistance to cracking, and the drainage system installed, you might have to rule out some of these driveways. The best low-maintenance driveway based on these factors is gravel. Gravel is easy to install, provides an excellent drainage system, and isn’t prone to cracks or potholes.


Our driveway paving cost calculator is an essential tool that will help you pave within your budget and estimate high-quality paving materials. A cost-to-pave driveway calculator will save the day and provide you with a good starting point for your project. 

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