Paving Services – Asphalt, Concrete, Brick, and Driveways

Paving Services

Paving services vary quite widely, including road-building, highway-building, sealcoating, concrete paving, asphalt paving, road rehabilitation, new road construction, striping, marking, and more.

Depending on the application your job requires, pavers may either require concrete pavement or asphalt pavement.

Let’s look at some of the reasons you might invest in paving services for your job.

What Does a Paving Contractor Do?

A paving contractor provides services for constructing and repairing paved surfaces, such as driveways, parking lots, roads, concrete floors, and more. Paving contractors may also perform much larger jobs, such as highways or airport runways.

A paving contractor will typically be hired by a municipal agency, business, or individual for new paving jobs or repairs. There are companies that specialize in commercial or residential work, though you can also find those that perform both types of work depending on the needs of the client. 

A paving contractor will often meet with the business owner or homeowner to discuss the requirements and constraints of the project on hand, providing estimates for the job. 

Asphalt paving services

Asphalt Paving Services

Asphalt paving services are performed by asphalt paving contractors. This kind of work can include jobs such as asphalt maintenance, asphalt repair, asphalt sealcoating, patchin services, and crack sealing. 

Contractors that perform asphalt paving services will often build things such as walkways, parking lots, paths, or driveways. Note that there is a major difference between commercial and residential paving services.

Asphalt maintenance typically includes things like asphalt repair and light cleaning or crack sealing. At one point, asphalt replacement may be required. The timeline for asphalt repair depends on many factors, including the quality of the materials and the climate. 

Asphalt must also go through the sealcoating process to protect it from water, road salt, diesel fuel, gasoline, oil, and more. Sealcoating is a requirement for both residential and commercial properties. To provide a sealcoat for asphalt, paving contractors will use a mixture of asphalt cement or coal tar pitch, spreading it evenly across the surface.

Asphalt repair

When it comes to asphalt repair, there are various methods contractors will use depending on the type of repair required and the conditions. Some of these repair methods include:

  • Cold Patch Asphalt Repair.
  • Asphalt Patch Saw Cut & Removal.
  • Infrared Asphalt Restoration.
  • Asphalt Pavement Skin Patching.

Your paving service should be able to determine the right type of repair needed to make your asphalt look brand new. 

Concrete paving services

Concrete Paving Services

Concrete paving services include paving services and road construction, combining the ability of concrete contractors and road builders to complete the job on hand. Actually, concrete contractors can perform several types of concrete jobs, including building catch basins, curbs, ramps, islands, sidewalks, and more. 

Road builders can repair damaged road surfaces and install new concrete pavement. 

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Brick Paving Services

Brick pavers are one of the best ways to add personality and charm to an existing landscape. For many centuries, Europeans used bricks throughout cities and residential areas. Americans are finally catching onto the trend. 

The beauty of brick pavers is that they can be used for a wide range of applications, including driveways, walkways, patios, and more. 

Flashy brick driveways are great for adding instant curb appeal to the entrance of a home. Plus, there is a wide range of brick pavers to choose from, perfect for coordinating with the colors and overall aesthetic of a home. 

With traditional brick, you can add a sense of colonial charm to your driveway, an elegant way to put the finishing touches on your project. People will often use brick in walkways around flower beds to point visitors in the right direction. From simple stepping stones to interlocking brick pavers, there are many ways to utilize this material to jazz up your home. 

People will oft use brick pavers to create a unique ambiance for their outdoor patios, using simple rows or geometric shape patterns with multi-colored bricks. The possibilities are endless. 

A high quality driveway

Driveway Paving Services

Driveways are very prone to wear and tear, as they are subject to heavy amounts of pressure day after day for many years. When paving a new driveway, it’s important to use high-quality materials and have a reliable and knowledgeable contractor who has performed driveway paving services before. 

There are many different types of materials available when it comes to driveway paving services, including brick pavers, asphalt, concrete, and more. If you’re in the market for the cleanest, hardest, and most cost-effective surface material, then we highly recommend going with asphalt. 

Asphalt is a highly durable choice for crafting a robust driveway without spending tons of money, though if you’re looking to amp up the look of your driveway, we recommend stamped asphalt, even though it will be more expensive. 

Is it Cheaper to Pave or Gravel a Driveway?

Compared to concrete or asphalt, a gravel driveway is far more budget-friendly. The beauty of gravel driveways is that they can also last a long time if you properly maintained them. However, it’s important to make sure your gravel driveway is laid down properly so that there aren’t any lumpy spots or bumps, which can cause drainage issues. 

If you install a driveway and notice that the surface is uneven, you can hire a professional contractor to come and re-level the driveway. 

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Is it Cheaper to Pave or Gravel a Driveway?

Final Thoughts

Finding a high-quality paving service is important, whether you’re working on a commercial or residential job. Of course, if you don’t have experience in hiring paving contractors or you don’t have anyone that can provide you with a recommendation, we’re here to help.
Let us help you find the right paving service to get the job done. Get in contact with us at Paving Finder today.