How To Clean Concrete Patio– Step-By-Step Guide to Preserve it

Concrete patio cleaning ideas.

Knowing how to clean a concrete patio without causing any damage to the surface is essential for you as a homeowner. The suitable cleaning method and maintenance can boost your home’s curb appeal, restore concrete surfaces and preserve your patio’s lifespan.

Concrete patios, also known as cement patios, are robust, customizable, and cheaper, making them one of the most outstanding options for landscape projects. However, with time, the porous surface of the concrete can accumulate dirt and grime and begin to discolor. Experts say concrete patios should be cleaned at least once a year to maintain their pristine condition.

In this comprehensive guide, our experts explain how to clean your concrete patio without damaging the surface and the best cleaning product to preserve your patio’s aesthetics.

How to Clean Your Concrete Patio

A power-pressure concrete washer comes in handy for cleaning concrete patios, driveways, or walkways that are dirty, stained, or have bacterial growth. For a concrete patio, you will need a pressure washer of at least 3000 PSI with a suitable nozzle type that will allow water to flow through effectively. Pressure washers are reliable and make cleaning concrete surfaces fast and enjoyable. This simple guide will help you power wash your concrete patio without damaging it.

How to pressure wash a concrete patio

Step One

Prepare to clean your concrete patio by clearing the area. Remove furniture, toys, plants, and loose debris from your patio. Take a broom and sweep the surface clean so you don’t get obstructed by obstacles when cleaning.

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Step Two

Mix your solution into the pressure washer. Use the best solution or commercial product to help you get rid of any stain. Wear protective clothing before you mix or start cleaning.

Concrete patio cleaning with a pressure washer.

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Step Three

Select a pressure washer; pressure washers come in electric and gas-powered models. You must choose the model and pressure that best suit your concrete patio needs. When using a pressure washer, you can choose between different nozzles; this nozzle will determine the flow rate of your mixture. When you’re ready to start cleaning, connect the pressure washer to a hose. Rotate the spigot valve clockwise to allow water flow, and hold the pressure washer trigger down.

Step Four

Test the pressure washer on a small area to ensure everything is good before proceeding. If your concrete patio is flat, you can start on any part, and if it’s sloped, position yourself in the center of the top part of your patio and start power washing. Repeat soaping and washing until the area is cleaned and all stains removed.

Step Five

Rinse away the detergent into your patio drain and allow your concrete to dry before you return any of your furniture.

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Best Products to Clean a Concrete Patio

The concentrated ZEP 128 oz. Driveway, Concrete, and Masonry Cleaner offer quick and effective cleaning. It effectively cleans concrete, brick, asphalt, and quarry tile of grease, filth, and oil.

This is a potent, concentrated formula. ZEP 128 oz restores the concrete’s original appearance while removing dirt, stains, filth, and oil.

Rust-Oleum 1 gal. Concrete Etch and Cleaning is a cleaner and etch mixture that allows coatings to properly adhere to concrete surfaces by opening the pores of the concrete surface.

This cleaner utilizes microbes for effective results. When the microorganisms are finished, the stain evaporates, leaving your concrete with a fresh and rejuvenated look.

This concrete cleaner’s potent bleach-based composition kills mold and mildew while cleaning and brightening the driveway outside your house.

How to Clean a Concrete Patio Without a Pressure Washer

In the absence of a pressure washer, there are many ways you can effectively clean your concrete patio. Surface degradation and damage to the mortar are some effects that might result after pressure washing your driveway. Below are a few steps you can employ to clean a concrete driveway without pressure washing it.

Remove Debris

Most times, the cleaning solution our patios need is to clear and get rid of loose debris and dirt. This can be done by hand picking or sweeping the surface. Sweeping off the dirt and grime from your concrete patio will reduce build-up.

Clean with Commercial Cleaning Products

Commercial cleaning solutions come in different forms. Some are mild, harsh, or even harmful to patio surfaces, and you can use commercial cleaning products to wash out any stain after clearing the surface. When cleaning with commercial products, you will need some essential items to make the work easier. Vinegar, baking soda, bleach, or muriatic acids are mild commercial cleaning solutions you can employ when cleaning.

To create a cleaning solution with baking soda, dilute a half cup of baking soda with one gallon of water or one part with one vinegar to make a cleaning solution with water.  When there is a deep stain on your concrete patio, you can pour the cleaning solution into that area and wait for it to absorb for some minutes.

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Woman cleans concrete patio with a brush.

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Scrub with Sponge or Brush

Pour your cleaning solution over your concrete patio and let it settle for ten minutes. Scrub hard into the concrete and brush off every stain from your patio. If the stain does not go off after using the vinegar solution, you can pour baking soda directly on it and allow it to sit in for not more than ten minutes, then scrub again.


The last stage is important; always rinse off every cleaning solution from your concrete patio. After rinsing, allow your patio to dry before you return your furniture.

How to Clean Dog Urine From Concrete Patio

Dog urine can stain your patio and leave behind an ugly stench. And sometimes, it never goes away no matter how hard you scrub with vinegar or bleach. When dog urine seeps into the concrete, getting rid of the smell can take a long time. Once you have noticed dog urine on your patio or perceive the smell, you should immediately clean it off. To get rid of dog urine, you must first:

  • Clear the area and remove any dirt or debris from the patio surface.
  • Use a garden hose to wash urine away from your patio surface. Make sure to keep pets away from the area when working.
  • Apply an odor eliminator to clear urine odor from the environment.
  • Apply a commercial cleaning product on the spot and allow it to sit for at least ten minutes before you scrub. It takes ten minutes for vinegar, baking soda, or bleach to penetrate through concrete. Apply more odor eliminators on the urine spot and scrub well.
  • Rinse your concrete patio and allow it to dry.

Cleaning your concrete patio properly after your dog urinates will remove the smell and leave the spot clean. However, if you don’t teach your pets to use the toilet or the spot you have made available for them, they will keep using your patio area. You can consider waterproofing your patio after eliminating the urine space. It is best to be on the lookout for your pet and guide them.

How to Clean a Concrete Patio Without Killing Grass

Concrete is a tough paving material and requires an effective cleaning solution to eliminate dirt and stains. Some of these cleaning solutions might be harsh on your plants and vegetation. To clean your patios without killing or destroying your grass, you must first saturate the concrete surface and your grass with water. Watering helps lower the absorption rate of the surrounding plants and vegetation. After watering, you can apply your cleaning solution and follow the concrete patio cleaning guide. Scrub your concrete patio and rinse carefully. Spray your grass with water to wash away any residual chemicals or solution on your grass.

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A clean and glossy stamped concrete patio

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How to Clean a Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped concrete comes in different designs, colors, and textures. Cleaning stamped concrete is different from cleaning an ordinary concrete patio.

  • Start by removing dust or lose debris from the area with a broom.
  • Use a wet mop to clean the surface of your stamped patio. Rinse the mob regularly to ensure you are doing a clean job.
  • For stained areas, use a mild cleaning solution. Laundry detergent, dish soap, and commercial cleaning solutions will help clean off stains or solutions explicitly formulated for cleaning concrete.
  • Rinse and make sure you remove

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How to Clean Black Mold Off Concrete Patio

A patio overrun with black mold or other bacterial growth can be frustrating. If your patio is covered by shade or in a damped location, you will have to deal with cleaning mold off your concrete patio all the time. To reduce the effort and time it takes to clear off bacterial growth, scrub the mold with bleach. Bleach will disinfect the affected area and kill all bacteria. Another alternative is to use a pressure washer. Pressure washing your concrete patio with mold and mildew house and siding detergent will leave it spotless. With a powerful tip and turbo nozzle, hold the pressure washer inches away from the concrete and pressure wash the entire area. The mold will break up and wash out.


Before cleaning your concrete patio, you will need a few things. Rubber gloves, bucket, garden hose, push brush, and chlorine bleach. Ensure you have all your essential items and are well-dressed for the job. We recommend sealing the entire area to protect your patio from stains.

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