Stone Sealers

Stone sealers keep your stone’s appearance natural. They don’t make the stone darker, change its color, or add any form of shine. They work particularly with polished stone. That’s why when you examine the sturdy and eccentric beauty of fireplaces in hundred-year-old mansions, you’d realize that natural stones are one of the most precious things out there. They last a lifetime and can never have a bad-looking day with the best natural stone sealers.

Natural stone sealers are developed to protect and improve the color of flagstone and natural stone surfaces. The stones are laced with linked capillary tubes allowing liquid and gas infiltration. Stone sealers prevent the ease with which these capillaries are infiltrated. Long-term contact with water, oil, grease, and other pollutants causes the stone to deteriorate progressively and develop unsightly stains. As a result, most stone tiles and slabs need to be sealed with a high-quality stone sealer to prevent discoloration and damage.

This article addresses how to recognize the best stone sealers to purchase when you’re ready to upgrade your countertops, floors, and fireplace. We also give you samples of the best sealer for natural stone to help your next project.

Should exterior stones be sealed?

We love natural stones because they are aesthetically pleasing. And no matter the price, most people are willing to make the investment and bring beauty to the exterior of their homes and business. These natural stones are solid and durable, yet they need essential maintenance to stand the test of time. With very porous natural stones, harmful substances and bacteria easily find their way into your pavement. No matter where you have installed your natural stones, sealing the surface has many advantages. These include:

Should exterior stone be sealed?

Ease of Maintenance 

Maintaining a stone’s cleanliness and good looks is the main advantage of a sealing product. A stone can maintain its radiant and sophisticated quality for ages with minimal maintenance. A top-notch stone sealer will ease the stress of cleaning considerably. It also gives you more time to work on other important tasks on your schedule. 

Using a sealer prevents stains from embedding in your stones, which is never a good look for your home. A good sealer will also keep the surface from collecting too much moisture. This saves you the extra energy needed to polish your stones in an attempt to erase streaks.

Protect surfaces from stains

Natural stones are porous and prone to stains that last a lifetime. Using a good stone sealer will prevent stains from grease, tires, and grease from being permanent parts of your precious stone surfaces.

Countertops Look Brand New At All Times

Natural stones have an enduring form and beauty. An excellent protective coat can prevent the attachment of insufferable plaques to soil its beauty. With a bit of cleaning, you can keep your countertop for ages.

How do I choose a stone sealer?

Using a natural stone sealer for your flagstones and natural stone countertops, fireplaces, and floorings is a brilliant idea when you make the right choice. However, if you have no idea how to do this, you can make a decision that can sabotage your good work very early. To choose the best sealer that’s good for your pavement, you must consider some key factors.

Type of stones to be used

Some stones are sedimentary rocks and are more porous than others. Stones such as limestone, marble, and sandstone require a more durable natural stone sealant. 

How to choose a stone sealer

The type of application

The second thing to consider is how to apply the stone sealant. When compared to horizontal, a vertical application hardly gets stains on them. This is because the vertical surface allows water to run down any stain quickly. Horizontal application without a quality drainage system allows water to form puddles and stay longer on the surface of your driveway or walkways. A vertical application like your windows or doors may not stain easily. When you apply a sealant on your exterior, you are repelling water and other harmful substances from penetrating the surface.

Type Of Area to Be sealed

Another critical factor to consider is the area to be sealed. Some surfaces are exposed to traffic and heavy loads and deteriorate faster than others. Your driveway and walkways need the best natural sealant to withstand pressure. 

Basic Maintenance 

The next factor to consider is how your stone is maintained. If your stone is constantly exposed to harsh cleaning substances and water cleaning regularly, it will deteriorate faster. It would help if you considered a water-repellent sealer that’s durable. 

Your Budget

Finally, your budget will affect the sealant choice. With a high budget, you can choose the most suitable natural stone sealant for your home or business use. Whichever the case may be, we have put together a list of the top natural stone sealants for you to choose from. We will get a commission if you purchase your sealant from these links. 

A guide to choose the best stone sealers

How does a stone sealer work?

Stone sealers consist of petroleum-based solvents or dissolved resins in water, which prevent your patios, driveways, and walkways from absorbing stains. 

You can seal your stone pavers before and after installing them on your landscape. When a stone sealer is applied on your paving surface, it gets absorbed into the pores and plugs up the pavers. The sealer will dry and harden the surfaces. 

A natural stone sealant creates a barrier on your pavement that keeps spilled substances away and makes it easier for you to clean without struggling. As a result, natural stone sealers block stone pores and prevent deep draining. 

However, some stones are very porous; no matter how well they are sealed, when stains are allowed on the surface for a long time, they might absorb the substance and leave behind a horrible pigmentation. This is why we advised getting a dense stone and the best stone sealers that penetrate every single pore and protect the stone surface and the deeper layers from quickly absorbing stains.

Which is the best stone sealer?

BEHR PREMIUM: 1 gal. Wet Look Sealer

This product is loved and cherished for the gloss finish it leaves post-application. The Behr Premium’s wet-look sealer does an excellent job of protecting and preserving the innate grace of your concrete floors and surfaces.

EAGLE: 1 gal supreme Seal Clear High Gloss Solvent-Based Acrylic Concrete Sealer

This is a clear and tough acrylic sealer applicable to all kinds of concrete surfaces. The sealer usually leaves the dry surface with a glossy and satisfying appearance that doesn’t wear off quickly.

EAGLE: 5 gal Clear Wet Look Solvent Based Acrylic Concrete Paver Sealer

This clear, high-gloss, long-lasting acrylic film shields your concrete. Your concrete will appear brand-new and shielded from weather-related damage and color fading. All forms of concrete, including plain, stamped, acid-stained, and concrete pavers, are protected and made more attractive with this sealer.

Glaze ‘N Seal: 5 Gal. Clear Paver Sealer and Sand Stabilizer

This unique clear paver sealer and sand stabilizer promise the unique and desirable look you aspire to see on your concrete floors, especially interlocks and bricks. They repel dirt effortlessly and leave a finished wet look that appeals to the eyes.

Dyco Paint: Paver Sealer 5 gal. 7200 Clear Gloss Exterior Solvent Acrylic Sealer 

The best solvent acrylic sealer for sealing and safeguarding bare or unsealed cement pavers. Dyco Paint Paver Sealer offers a long-lasting wet-look finish and is sturdy. Excellent for pool decks, patios, and walks.

BEHR PREMIUM: 1 gal. Low-Lustre Sealer

The BEHR PREMIUM Low-Lustre Sealer would be much appreciated on any surface, indoor or outdoors, a previously coated or uncoated surface, or a vertical or horizontal surface. The low-luster sealer covers many surfaces, from the tile work indoors to your pavers.

BEHR PREMIUM: 1 Gal. Natural Protector and Waterproofer

This BEHR Premium Natural protector and waterproofer have a superior silicone formulation that allows it to penetrate the surface of concrete, unglazed tiles, and many other surfaces to protect against corrosion and salt damage.

Foundation Armor: 5 gal. Solvent Based Acrylic 

Wet Look Concrete Sealer and Paver Sealer is a well-adored concrete and paver sealer with superior low gloss and wet-look finish. It is best known for the instant life it gives dull and fading concrete and pavers.

How long do sealers last on stone?

There is a range of stone sealers available in the market for you. Depending on the type of stone, the area to be sealed, maintenance, and budget, an excellent natural stone sealer should last three to five years. Therefore, sealing your pavement will help sustain the life of your stone pavers and keep them neat. Ensure you use a quality sealer if you want your patios, walkways, and driveways to remain durable and breathable.


Sealing your pavement is essential if you want to maintain it; however, sealing alone isn’t enough to keep it in good shape for an extended period. Your driveway, patios, or walkway needs to be cleaned regularly. Also, your sealer landscape can last an average of five years. You can repair or reseal it when it starts to wear out.