Limestone Driveway

Limestone driveways are easy to lay. It gives your driveway a feel that’s natural and different from other paving materials. It is the perfect driveway revamp material if you consider a unique and competitively affordable look for your home. The key to a crushed limestone driveway’s durability is the ability to lay them as they should be – large limestone pieces at the bottom and the smaller pieces atop.

Limestone driveways are becoming increasingly common among many homeowners. Limestone aggregate is made from calcium carbonate. This stone is crushed into different grades and patterns. Crushed limestone can be used for different purposes; on driveways, patios, and walkways, as drainage gravel for channeling water off, and for other outdoor landscaping. This stone helps in ground stabilization and erosion control in many homes. 

Crushed Limestone is tough, durable, and available worldwide. Many paving projects are now considering limestone rock driveways; this is why our experts created this comprehensive guide to explain the benefit, costs, and grades of crushed limestone paving.

Is Crushed Limestone Good For Driveways?

Crushed limestone is beginning to gain ground in the United States. Crushed limestone comprises good-quality calcite (calcium), phosphor, copper, and magnesium. Because of its nature, it offers a charming traditional look to driveways and other outdoor landscaping. 

Crushed limestone is great for driveway installation, and when it’s not the main paving material, it acts as a base material for tarmac and concrete slabs or used in railway tracks. The use of crushed limestone is not enough to tell you how great crushed limestone is for driveways; below are some of the benefits you should consider before deciding on limestone for your home or commercial driveway.

Limestone Is Affordable 

Cost! The one reason many homeowners settle for less. Crushed limestone is a natural paving material that’s inexpensive, available, and durable. You don’t have to worry about going over your budget with crushed limestone. These earthly rocks are very common and cheap.

A limestone quarry. There are many advantages of using limestone for driveways

Crushed Limestone is Durable 

When considering a paving material for your driveway, you should use a material that can withstand extreme weather and harsh substances. Crushed limestone is long-lasting and harder than most stones you will find around. This material stays in place when properly installed until you decide you need a change. You wouldn’t want to go through the stress of having to install another paving material for your driveway after only a few years.

Versatility At Its Peak

Crushed limestone comes in uniform colors, different sizes, and even patterns. Also, crushed limestone can be a base for installing concrete and other paving materials or a top layer for gravel driveways. You can do much more than pave your driveway when you purchase crushed limestone. You can also pave your patios.

Crushed Stone Is Easy To Install

Crushed limestone is great for driveways and has many benefits. Here you have it—a paving material you can DIY and not feel fatigued all day. Also, if you don’t have much time to maintain your driveway, crushed limestone is the paving material you need to install quickly. Limestone rocks can withstand heavy traffic and stay tidy for a long time. You don’t have to worry much when caught up in doubt.

Which Is Better, Gravel or Crushed Limestone? 

Depending on the function of your driveway, you can choose between gravel and crushed limestone. Unlike crushed limestone, which is more uniform in color, gravel is a loose mixture of different stones. It is versatile and inviting. However, gravel is a rounded stone and easily shifts when applying pressure.

Some other factors like location and rock size might affect your choice of construction material. If you live in an area where limestone is more available, it is your best option because it will be more affordable.

Limestone comes with wider stone sizes than gravel. You can choose the safest grade for your driveway and ensure it’s packed well. For a proper drainage system, a heavy-duty driveway, and stability, limestone is a better option than a gravel driveway.

A driveway made of crushed limestone

Crushed Limestone Driveway Cons

A crushed driveway is a better option for homeowners trying to improve the value of their homes or property. It’s also an alternative way to live an eco-friendly lifestyle without spending so much on your driveway. Some of the setbacks of the crushed limestone driveway include:

Frequent Maintenance

Your limestone rock driveway may require frequent removal of debris, leaves, and other dirt if you are looking for a hundred percent maintenance-free driveway. Crushed limestone isn’t the best option for you.

Lose Stones 

The major setback with a crushed limestone driveway is that you will have some stray stones everywhere when someone drives in and out of your driveway. If you don’t mind gathering them and moving them back to your driveway, you have no problem installing your crushed limestone.

What Is the Size Of Limestone Best For a Driveway?

The precise size of the limestone you need depends on the application. Heavy-duty or traffic driveways will require 2-3 inches to support the driveway perfectly. The ½ inch option is perfect for a topcoat driveway, and for driveway base stone, 3 inches is the right size you need. If you use crushed limestone as aggregate for concrete or asphalt driveways, ½ crushed limestone is good enough. It’s important to note that the thinner you go, the more maintenance is required to keep your limestone driveway in place.

The right amount od limestone for your driveway

How Much Limestone Do I Need For My Driveway 

You can tell from the size of your driveway whether you need a small amount of crushed limestone or more. Also, a few other factors will decide the amount of crushed limestone your driveway or parking lot will consume. These include whether or not your driveway or parking lot aggregate was installed in it previously. When your driveway already has aggregate installed, it will consume less crushed limestone. 2-3 inches of additional crushed stone will cover your limestone driveway. Without any previous aggregate, you will need at least 4-6 inches installed to reach an appreciable level.

How To Build a Limestone Driveway 

The beautiful thing about limestone driveways is that you can easily install them yourself. However, installing your limestone rock driveway will consume your time and energy, especially if you do it alone and need more tools to complete the job easily. Hiring a professional driveway constructor will take the stress away from you. Installing a limestone driveway requires technical know-how and meticulous planning to complete the job. Below is a step-by-step guide that will help you accomplish your task or give you an idea of what has to be done to install a crushed limestone driveway.

1. Mark The Area

Create an outline using stakes or paint. Make the driveway wider for the areas around the wall to avoid accidents. 

2. Dig The Soil

With a small bulldozer, remove the topsoil within the driveway area you’ve marked. You can always reuse the soil you’ve removed in your gardens or elsewhere. 

3. Leveling

After you have removed the topsoil, you will need to smoothen the surface. Go over the area by moving forward and backward several times. Driving over it with your car or any heavy equipment will help level the surface for you. 

4. Cover the Base With Weed Fabric 

Ensure that your base is smooth and tough enough, then cover the base with a weed barrier fabric and then cover the weed barrier layer with 4-5 inches of crushed #1 or # 2 limestone rocks. Work the crushed stones into position with a heavy tool. 

5. Add Crushed Limestone 

Add 4-5 inches thick of #8 crushed limestone. Use a scraper blade to arrange the crushed stones. Arrange the stones like a crown through your driveway; ensure it’s higher than both sides to create a good drainage system.

Limestone Driveway Cost

It is more economical to purchase crushed limestone in larger quantities. The cost per yard can be from $30 to $40. However, if your driveway is small, it can cost about $ 25 to $ 35 per ton. The cost of crushed limestone will also depend on the size and quality you want to purchase.


Designing and installing a crushed limestone driveway is a great option for budget-minded home or business owners. A crushed limestone driveway is appealing and less expensive than a concrete or asphalt driveway. To install your limestone driveway yourself, purchase all the tools you need on home depot or get a professional paver to do it for you.