How Long Does Asphalt Paving Last? – 4 Ways to Increase its Lifespan

So many materials suit both commercial and domestic paving problems and demands. For domestic paving, homeowners have a long list of options to choose from. The list of these materials is almost endless. However, although concrete paving has a place at the top, asphalt paving topples it as the bigger industry owing to its longevity and durability. 

The composition of asphalt paving materials include sand, bitumen and aggregates. If you properly maintain these materials, asphalt paving lasts nothing less than 10 to 35 years. This makes it a highly preferred choice among homeowners. However, the knowledge of how long asphalt paving lasts significantly informs budget planning in relation to construction and repair. In this article, you will learn all you need to know. 

Factors That Affects How Long Asphalt Paving Lasts

Installation Quality

Apart from the blueprints and designs that you must have created for your driveway, one thing you shouldn’t fail to observe is the quality of installation. The installation quality goes a long way in determining how long asphalt paving lasts. It requires the expertise and ingenuity of the contractor who considers the landscape, weather and surface before commencing installation. 

The expert’s experience is needed to grade the surface for easy drainage, raking for even distribution and spread of debris. It is also relevant for determining the compact positioning of aggregates to avoid breakaway or future cracks. 


Another unavoidable factor that affects how long asphalt paving lasts is the pressure it absorbs over time. Even though this pavement is made to serve specific purposes, either as a driveway or parking lot, it should not be abused. For instance, if you choose to use asphalt pavement to serve as a surface for a car park, you should not park heavy-duty trucks on it, as that causes increased pressure on the asphalt.

Alternatively, if you choose it as a driveway, parking on the same spot every time can affect the longevity of the paving.  It follows that the more the traffic intensity on the asphalt pavement, the shorter its lifespan.  


One of the things that asphalt paving assures is durability. It is reputable for this and gives it advantages over others. But despite this, if you do not carefully maintain it, such maintenance attitude may have adverse effects on the durability. Thus, you must always observe proper maintenance practices to enhance the pavement’s longevity in any weather. These maintenance practices include constant inspection, quality repair, cleaning and so on.

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The weather or climatic condition that an asphalt paving endures is also an essential factor affecting how long asphalt paving lasts. The best climate for asphalt paving is little rain, warm temperature and constant interchange between these two. 

When asphalt paving faces too much heat, it cracks, and this allows rain or any other water spill to penetrate. This eventually leads to potholes and destruction. Exposure to rain and warm temperature should not be excessive as it reduces the lifespan of the asphalt pavement. Another thing to consider concerning climate is the condition during installation. 

The most appropriate time of the year to pave asphalt is during summer or spring. The reason for this is simple: in cold temperatures, the asphalt takes so much time to get set and this might cause it to crack. However, it takes little or no time under warm temperatures. So, if you are in a cold region, this is something to consider. For instance, experts advise not to pave during the rain,  as that will affect your asphalt adversely.


If your asphalt pavement is good, it is a testament to the type of materials used. So, you should not displace the role of quality materials in asphalt paving. As a matter of fact, getting suitable materials is the first step to having a long-lasting asphalt pavement. 

So it is necessary to get manufacturing companies that produce quality materials for asphalt. It is almost easy to guess the materials which make up the composition of asphalt paving. As easy as it sounds, where there is a missing composition, or the asphalt is poorly heated, this can affect the longevity of the asphalt. 

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Maintenance Practices To Help You Achieve Asphalt Paving Longevity 

  • There should be a routine inspection for cracks that must be sealed to avoid moistures from entering the paving. Once these cracks are filled, every possibility for a pothole or crack deterioration is eliminated.
  • Avoidance of driving on the pavement edges to avoid edge cracking usually develops due to a lack of support at the sides.
  • If your car leaks oil or other fluids, these substances should not be allowed to last longer on the pavement as they can affect it.
  • Sharp objects should not be dragged on the pavement’s surface to avoid alligator cracks or further destruction.
  • The pavement should be seal-coated as often as following possible recommendations. This ensures the protection of the top layer of the pavement.
  • Avoid parking on the same spot every time, and heavy-duty trucks should not be parked on it as it puts so much pressure on the pavement.

Some Benefits Of Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving is so famous for their longevity and durability that it is possible to think those are the only benefits of choosing it. However, when you choose asphalt paving for your driveway, here are some other benefits you also get to enjoy: 

  • Smoothness – One of the most attractive benefits of asphalt pavement is its smoothness. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, it is also safe and makes driving fun.
  • Environmentally Friendly – The current awakening towards actions that threaten the environment has pushed for innovations in all fields, which is evident in asphalt production. Materials used are recyclable, and it consumes less energy in production. The pavings themselves can be recycled and used to make new paving.
  • Quiet – Asphalt paving eliminates all forms of noise that can cause an unnecessary distraction for drivers due to its smooth terrain. The terrain offers silence when vehicles move over it.
  • Durability – A key feature of asphalt pavement is its durability. It can withstand occasional pressure for an extended period as long as you ensure adequate maintenance. This accounts for why many homeowners love to use it.
  • Cost efficiency – One would think the cost of having asphalt pavement is more than other pavings, but that isn’t the case. The value it offers transcends the cost of construction. For example, it reduces wear and tears on vehicles, thereby saving you from unexpected expenses. As such, choosing asphalt paving is choosing less risk and expenses for your cars.
  • Quick Installation – This is a very dominant benefit as compared to other pavings. Asphalt pavings are very fast to install, and this gives it flexibility and swiftness that does not adversely affect its longevity but somewhat improves it.
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Final Thoughts

As remarkable as asphalt paving is, its value is tied to and solely dependent on quality maintenance. If you do not observe this, you might not get the value for your money, which would defeat your choice of asphalt paving in the first place. 

So, ensure you choose the right experts and carry out adequate maintenance. That way, you can rest assured that you’d enjoy your asphalt paving seamlessly.