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Without proper parking lot striping, getting cars in and out of the parking lot in a safe and orderly manner is near impossible, which is why striping a parking lot is such a necessary task. Of course, you’re here because you’re likely concerned about the parking lot striping cost.

On average, people pay anywhere from $400 to $500 for striping a parking lot with 30-50 parking spaces, though the price can easily go up or down depending on the size of the lot and your particular needs.

To help you determine a clearer idea of your potential parking lot striping costs, come dive in with us as we take you through our parking lot striping guide.

Parking Lot Striping Cost

So, you just got done paving your parking lot, and now you’re looking to stripe it. 

When it comes to striping a parking lot, the cost is typically determined in two ways, including the cost per linear foot or the cost per line. It’s not often that you will find parking lot stripers that charge by square footage.

Per linear foot, you can expect to pay anywhere from $.20 to $1.00. Of course, this depends on the types of lines needed, which we will get into later.

A single parking stall will often cost anywhere between $4 to $5. The lines are typically a minimum of four inches thick.

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An asphalt parking lot with newly paint striping.

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What Are The Costs Of Parking Lot Striping?

There are other factors to determine a more accurate number for your parking lot striping cost.

For example, you might need to have additional markings in your parking lot like logos, directional arrows, loading zones, or fire lanes. These kinds of additions will push your costs up. You might also have to mark your curbs, which typically comes out to around $1 per linear foot

There are some additional markings that you will need to use color paint for, which can increase your costs overall. 

It’s important to keep in mind that larger parking lots will often mean higher prices, as they will require more spaces and more specialized additions, such as handicapped spaces. 

The Cost Of Different Parking Lot Lines

There are different costs for different types of lines that you’ll need to keep in mind. These line markings can vary in price, though are often anywhere from $20 to $30. Here are some of the different lines you might expect to pay for and their average costs:

  • Single line for parking lot stall – $4 to $5
  • Stop line – $20 to $30
  • Stenciled parking space letters – $2 to $4 per space letter
  • Stenciled parking space numbers – $1.50 to $3.50 per number
  • Handicapped stalls – $25 to $30 per stall
  • Arrows – $10 to $20 per arrow
  • Pedestrian crosswalks – $50 to $75 per crosswalk

If you decide to paint angled stalls, note that you will likely pay more than you would be painting regular stalls. 

Keep in mind that these costs will vary depending on the number of lines that you need in your parking lot, the types of lines that you require, and the amount of paint that you need to use to finish the job. 

A professional painting company will often pay anywhere from $80 to $150 for a five-gallon tub of paint. The parking lot striping company will usually provide you with this cost upfront in your initial quote. 

We highly recommend using water-based acrylic if you want your parking lot to look its best and last the longest.

Old parking lot with arrow paint guide on the building.

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Parking Lot Restriping Cost

Parking lot restriping often costs the same as regular parking lot striping. You can expect to pay anywhere from around $300 to $700 for a regular parking lot with 30 to 50 spaces. Of course, as we said before, these costs can vary based on your specific needs and any additional elements you need to be painted in your parking lot. 

How Much Time Is Needed To Stripe or Restripe a Parking Lot?

The amount of time it takes to stripe or restripe a parking lot will depend on a few factors. 

You’ll have to consider the size of your parking lot, the number of workers you have on the job, and the type of machinery that you are using to get the job done. 

Once the paint is laid down, the time it takes for it to dry will vary.

If you’re working on a hot summer day, the paint can dry and be ready to drive on in about an hour, though we recommend giving it at least four hours to be safe, as that is typically how long it takes for lines to cure. 

Lack of sunlight or cold weather can affect how long it takes. If you’re working in colder weather, we recommend using solvent-based traffic paint. 

Consider sealcoating your parking lot so that your striping job lasts longer.

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A concrete parking lot with white striping.

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How Much Does It Cost To Remove Parking Lot Striping?  

The cost for removing lines from a parking lot can vary, though it costs anywhere from around $200 to $500 on average. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that you now have a better idea of what you can expect from your parking lot striping cost. Once done, it’s a good idea to restripe your parking lot every 18 to 24 months to keep it looking fresh and new. 

Of course, the amount of time you can leave in between restriping depends on whether or not you have high-volume traffic and what kind of climate you live in.
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There are several reasons why pavement striping is crucial for any road or parking lot project.

Pavement striping ensures the safety of pedestrians and drivers within your premises, controls the way in which traffic flows to help prevent accidents, maximizes parking space, and improves curb appeal.

Of course, there are many considerations to make if you are planning on hiring someone to stripe your asphalt, pavement, or parking lot. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is Pavement Striping?

In its simplest terms, pavement striping is the process of painting lines on the pavement, such as a road, parking lot, or another surface. We pavement stripe to let people know where to go and set boundaries on otherwise wide-open spaces. 

Asphalt and Concrete Striping

There are many reasons why parking lot managers or road builders make a point of the importance of asphalt and concrete striping. 

Let’s look at a few reasons why a good striping job is so important.

A Good Pavement Striping Job Can Eliminate Confusion

A Good Striping Job Can Eliminate Confusion

Try, if you can, to imagine a large parking lot without any lines. 

It would be an incredibly difficult parking lot to navigate. 

If you’ve ever experienced a parking lot that was really difficult to navigate due to the fact that it wasn’t well-marked, then you already know how handy a well-thought-out striping solution can be. These kinds of marks can eliminate confusion and solve any navigation problems.

A Good Striping Job Can Increase Efficiency

Trying to navigate a very busy parking lot can be stressful, especially when there are tons of other vehicles. A good striping job can be an essential part of a well-planned lot.

It’s important that drifters and pedestrians can enter your parking lot, easily navigate it, and exit without getting into any accidents. 

It also saves people from meandering around a parking lot when it’s crowded, wondering if they are even going the correct way, to begin with. If you own a parking lot attached to your establishment, the last thing you want is a bunch of confused customers who are feeling stressed before they even walk through your doors! 

A Good Striping Job Follows Regulations

There are unique rules in each state, ensuring businesses are accessible to all people. Businesses have to follow strict parking lot guidelines so as to not discriminate against any customers. 

Business owners have to comply with these rules and regulations unless they want to face fines. With a striping job from a professional service, you can bet that your parking lot will be up to code. Ensuring the accessibility of your business is not only an issue of compliance, but it is also great business.

The importance of following regulations when painting lines

How Do You Paint Lines On The Pavement?

While you certainly could paint lines on the pavement by hand, many striping companies will use new technology like striping machines to do a professional job. These machines are far more accurate than painting by hand. 

Here are a few technologies that companies will often use for concrete striping.

Spray Shields

If you’re painting in an area with a lot of wind, spray shields can be helpful. Even high-end striping machines are vulnerable to wind. All it takes is a gust of wind for the paint exiting the machine to change its stream and leave uneven marks all over the surface.

Spray shields are there to protect the paint from the wind to make sure that the stream is uninterrupted with each spray.

Reflective Bead Dispensers

One of the best additions to parking lot stripes is reflective beads. They work to increase visibility for pedestrians and drivers at night. You can attach a reflective bead dispenser to a striping machine, eliminating the need to perform this method manually, which can improve your results and save you tons of time.

Laser Guides

To create a high-quality, professional-looking parking lot, you’ll need to replace faded or dull lines. Of course, without the right tools, this process can be quite difficult. To ensure the best result each time, we recommend utilizing laser guides.

Laser guides work by outlining the location of each new line with a laser beam to make sure things are even and straight.

The different kinds of paints used on pavement

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On Pavement?

The longevity of your striping job has a lot to do with the kind of paint that you are using on the job.

There are a few different kinds of paint that you can use to paint on pavement. These include:

Oil or Solvent-Based Paint

Oil or solvent-based paint uses oil rather than water. This type of paint is one of the most popular for this application, as it offers supreme durability for how much it costs. Plus, unlike some other types of paints, such as water-based paint, it won’t even freeze in extremely cold weather conditions. 

Water-Based Paint

Water-based paint is mostly made of water. It is the least expensive paint that you can find and the most environmentally friendly. If you’re on a tight budget, water-based paint is one of the best choices. It’s also one of the fastest-drying types of paint out there. 

However, it’s worth noting that it is not very durable.

Thermoplastic Paint

Thermoplastic paint is one of the most durable paint options out there, thanks to the fact that it contains plastics. It is very expensive, however.

Canned Aerosol Line Striping Paint

You can use aerosol line striping paint with a line striping machine to paint your parking lot with ease. With these kinds of canisters, it’s easy to get professional results. If you’re someone who is looking to maintain their parking lot after the initial job is done, having these tools is a great choice.

The duration of pavement paint

How Long Does Pavement Paint Last?

In an ideal situation, striping paint can last for several decades. Of course, this depends on a number of factors, such as the quality of the paint, the volume of traffic, the weather, etc. If durability and longevity are what you’re after, we recommend starting with a higher-quality paint, such as thermoplastic paint. 

Pavement Striping Services

Finding vetted, high-quality striping services can be tough, especially if you’ve never performed a job like this before. Luckily, here at Paving Finder, we have a list of paving companies that you can search through, each of which has been carefully selected.

Make sure to check out these pavement striping companies on our companies page

Benefits Of Using Line Striping and Pavement Marking Services

Beyond eliminating confusion, increasing efficiency, and making navigation more manageable, one of the main benefits of using professional line striping and pavement marking services that we want to accentuate is safety.

The last thing you want is to be liable for an accident because you cut corners when designing your parking lot.

Parking lot accidents might seem few and far between, though they can still cost people tons of time and money, not to mention the stress of getting into an accident in the first place.

With clearly marked and professional parking lot striping, you can prevent some of these accidents from happening, keeping your customers and employees safe. Of course, the adjacent benefit is that you save yourself from potential litigation in the case of an accident. If you have a parking lot that is marked clearly, then you can ensure any accidents that take place are not your fault.

It’s also important to note that a professional line striping job can increase curb appeal.

Parking lots that have crisp and clear pavement striping look great!

It’s important to be aware of how much first impressions matter in a business. Even before customers walk in through the front door of your establishment, they’ll judge you based on your parking lot. If they see tons of chipping and faded lines, they’ll think about how unprofessional and unattractive your business is before they even get a chance to see it. 

THe importance of good pavement striping for your business

Final Thoughts – Keeping Your Parking Lot In Line

As you can see, pavement striping is crucial for making sure people have a positive experience in your business. Hiring a professional paving service can ensure that people continue coming back again and again. 

It’s worth noting that pavement striping is not an easy job by any means. A good pavement striper knows about the design and layout of parking lots, ADA requirements, different types of paint, and much more. 

Hiring a competent striper who can provide reliable equipment and professional layout plans is crucial to getting a job done correctly. It’s worth hiring a reputable service if you want to have a positive experience. 
If you have any further questions regarding striping or paving, make sure to get in touch with us here at Paving Finder. You can also check out our long list of blogs for expert paving advice!